Brooklyn, New York

It’s not for you—it’s for everyone” is the guiding principle of unisex brand Telfar. Founded in 2005 by Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens, the label has championed values of inclusivity since its debut. Winner of the CFDA in 2017, Teflar has achieved a deserved consecration within the fashion industry. The eponymous label forged its path by remixing classic American symbols such as collegiate-inspired logos, graphics, and branding, thus accessing a familiar collective memory to rebuild a new, all-inclusive American iconography. Everyday wears with a twist, Telfar’s pieces feel simultaneously approach and new-to-the-eye. Men’s patchworked hoodies adorned with near-recognizable logos, graphic t-shirts, patterned bowling shirts, and tank tops are all infused with youthful irreverence and a touch of irony. Shoulder bags and leather totes emblazoned with the brand’s signature “T” logo serve as understated yet bold accessories.